Mat-T Club Fitting System


Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade (MAT-T) is an extraordinary tool that elevates swing analysis and club fitting to a new level. Previously available only to PGA Tour professionals, the MAT-T System gathers vital swing information and statistics using multiple high-speed cameras. Using reflective markers placed on strategic parts of the body, the system creates a three-dimension image of the body and a remarkably sophisticated computer-animated image of the swing, viewable from any angle. Quail Lodge Golf Club is proud to be the only club on the Monterey Peninsula offer this exciting system.


MAT-T executes a multitude of calculations and measurements to develop data-driven personal club recommendation. The certified instructional team will analyze the data to identify each golfer's specific needs with remarkable precision. The objective of club-fitting is to provide the player with the proper equipment to maximize their performance in all facets of the game: Driving, Long-Game, Irons, Wedges, Putter and Golf Balls.

Fittings (by appointment) are available in one-hour & two-hour sessions.

The MAT-T system is brand neutral. After each fitting the golfer will receive specific club recommendations, individual swing data and a playable CD-ROM of each swing to be viewed at home or with an instructor.

While equipment purchase is not required, those who purchase clubs at the time of fitting will receive customization - such as length, lie and loft - at no additional cost. Post-fitting instruction is also available at a discounted rate.

To schedule your fitting, please call 831.620.8905 or email: MATTSYSTEM@QUAILLODGE.COM.