Staff Spotlight

JUNE 2019: Emerson Tila, Server

If there is one thing that we humans are very particular about, it is our food! And more particularly, the service of it. The food service industry can be extremely challenging, yet equally rewarding. Nothing can more quickly change someone’s demeanor from negative to positive than a great meal coupled with good conversation and attentive service. And that is exactly what Emerson Tila has been providing at Quail Lodge & Golf Club for more than 24 years.

Emerson has dedicated himself to Quail as a server in Edgar’s Restaurant and as an integral part of our banquets team that caters to our private events. He is hard working, always willing to go the extra mile, and truly enjoys working alongside his co-workers to provide exceptional service to Quail members, guests, and the local community alike. Emerson is well rounded with knowledge not only in food service, but also in bartending, cooking, and baking. He expressed that he has been inspired by many people in his life, but most notably Anthony Bourdain and the late Mr. Edgar Haber (Founder of Quail Lodge and namesake for Edgar’s Restaurant).

Finding happiness in everyday life is most important to Emerson, and he makes it his daily mission to transfer that happiness to the community that surrounds Edgar’s and Quail Lodge & Golf Club. And when it comes to Emerson, all it takes is a simple, “How are you doing today?” complemented by that radiant smile that is certain to brighten anyone’s day. Aside from work, however, family is extremely important to Emerson and many of his days off are spent enjoying time with them. He hopes to continue to inspire his family by showing them that hard work, patience, and dedication are the ways of success. And, in case just one dose of “Tila” isn’t enough, Quail is proud to have Emerson’s son, Cyrus, as part of the golf team! With Emerson’s clear devotion to his craft, positive outlook on life, and values that he instills in his children, we could not be more honored to have this father/son duo as part of the Quail team.

So the next time you visit Edgar’s or partake in a catered event at Quail, please be sure to thank Emerson for his ongoing commitment to provide you with the best dining experience he can offer.